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NASA will soon reveal the much-anticipated video of Perseverance’s landing on Mars

NASA will soon reveal the much-anticipated video of Perseverance’s landing on Mars: here’s how to see it

*Decent of Perseverance via the Sky Crane,// Source : NASA/JPL Caltech, 2020*

NASA should be in a position soon to release an exclusive video of the landing of the Perseverance rover on Mars.

The first pictures of Mars have already arrived from the Perseverance Rover. First in black and white, then in color, these first pictures are already breathtaking. The latest released image shows an aerial view of the six-wheeled rover, suspended on cables by the “Sky Crane”, the descent stage, a few meters above the Martian surface. These first images are only a preamble, as NASA plans to present the most dramatic ones, including a video, at an online event soon. A video of the landing of the rover Perseverance on Mars is one of the most talked-about events related to the scientific exploration of the red planet.

When? Monday, February 22nd from 2pm EST You can watch the live broadcast here : {% gist %} THE “7 MINUTES OF TERROR” We can expect to see dramatic scenes of the NASA rover’s descent in the images that are presented. The Mars landing was a critical phase of the Mars 2020 mission, so the Jet Propulsion Laboratory coined the evocative phrase “7 minutes of terror” to describe Perseverance’s descent — from its atmospheric entry to the moment of contact with the planet. To land the rover, the maneuvers included deploying an imposing parachute and suspending Perseverance from a flying crane.

They installed cameras on both the rover and its descent stage to film the landing stages. These are most likely the images that the U.S. space agency is preparing to show the world on the evening of February 22.

At the end of a 7-month interplanetary journey, Perseverance was landed in the Jezero crater, a 45-kilometer diameter impact structure on Mars. The area is home to a delta, which may have formed where water probably flowed into a lake in the past. With this rover, NASA will attempt to search for signs of potential ancient microbial life on the Red Planet.

Perseverance will collect soil samples and store them, to help us discover whether Mars was ever habitable. This microbiological dimension is a first, as samples have never before been brought back to Earth with the ambition to study possible traces of life. A mission to return these samples to Earth is currently being planned by NASA and ESA. It could be launched in 2026.

The popularity of the Mars 2020 mission can also be explained by the presence of Ingenuity (or Mars Helicopter Scout), a helicopter installed under the belly of the rover, whose mission will be to attempt the first flight to Mars. Shortly after landing, NASA received the first signal from the helicopter, confirming that the helicopter and the housing attached to the rover (which carries communications between Ingenuity and Earth) were functioning properly. Ingenuity is expected to remain attached to Perseverance for 30 or 60 days. The helicopter has only a window of 30 sols (Martian days) to attempt its flight. So we can expect a constant stream of exciting Mars news for some time to come.

While waiting to discover the video of the Perseverance landing, you can locate the position of the rover on Mars with this map or watch again the arrival of the rover on the planet, experienced with intensity by the teams in charge of the mission. Mars Trek